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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  July 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> developing overnight aox chaotic scene out of bangladesh as gunmen spray s bullets into a crowd of people e eating at a the did this toll continues toit rise. we've got the developingelin details.details. plus, metro is searching sea for the suspect who sexuallyexy assaulted a passenger on theer green line. details ahead on the attack.ttac this is a live look att traffic headed east on the bayhy bridge and look at t already back up.p. the holiday weekend is here of course. we have where to watch thehe fire work and forecast with caitlin. good morning, welcome to fox5ox5 morning on this july 2nd.d. i'm annie yu. >> i'm caitlin roth. >> welcome back.mek. we missed you. msed you.
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i've been on the show. sho such a beautiful start to the holiday weekend. weeke when is the best time to i drive? every day we's ve beeneb looking at traffic on the bay bridge. >> i was surprised by the backup. e a t of youybe a lot of youas would have left yesterday.erd >> yeah. >> well, maybe the weather weath held people off yesterday. yest. it was storming last night andit it was such a humid day but asmt we take a live look outside ondo this saturday morning, morni gorgeous crystal clear bluerystr it is the epitome of a good g day. people are heading to theding beach right now. now satellite and radar shows theana cold front that came throughha last night produced some of o those strong storms as sunk well off to our south. our sth. cooler drier air has moved in. i it was so humid yesterday butteb it feels much better.ette temperatures are still mild in washington, 71 degrees toees start you off on a saturday sur but cooler north and west,es very comfortable in the low 60's. 64 gaithersburg, 65ur 6 martinsburg and 63 ind 6 i frederick. it's 69 in annapolis and a nice morning along the bay as
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well. well. current dewpoints, this tells the whole story, are only innlyn the 50's.the 5 compare that to the low 70's yesterdayly that's why it's i just is so much more enjoyableob outside without that humidity.ud here's your setup for today.od today is gorgeous. gge there is nothing wrong withh the saturday forecast. for high pressure is in place,e inl it's dry, sunny, high spfpf needed but that's about it.bouti by the time we get toet t tomorrow, sunday, things arehing changing a little bit.tlit. a warm front is quickly moving n northward tonight and we'llnd have more clouds, probablybly even some showers on sunday so initially it looked like just monday the fourth of julyhe fout would be the rainy day but already looks like tomorrow those showers are in the so, really nice today.eay. warm and sunny, 83 degrees.3 dee we're going to be tracking tck some showers on sunday anduny then unfortunately what couldnae be a pretty soggy fourth ofrtof july that's all still ahead inhi your seven-day forecast. annie. >> ♪ >> well, developing overnight,ig blood bath in bangladesh. devastation this morning aftern a deathdly 10-hour stando
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several gunmen stormed ame popular restaurant on friday.da. 20 people are dead and the and death toll continues to rise. fox's karen mchugh has the details. details. >> reporter: a deadly siege s in the capitol of bangladesh a group of attackers storming aton restaurant popular withopularith americans and other foreigners n right in the hastert city's diplomatic zone friday night. n armed gunmen taking dozens hostage hurling bombs settinget off explosives and shooting at security forces killingng multiple police officers. >> obviously in constant touch t with bangladeshi authorities as they continue to workntue t through this.ugh this. >> reporter: more than 25or people rushed to the hospital hi following the initial assault au with everything from broken bro bones to gun shot woundswoun including dozens of police officers.ofrs. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: it is a spanntish restaurant a small customers drop in mostly ins the evening. this rest vaughn where somereom armed persons intruded. intde >> local security forces are s on the scene andec responding.po our embassy in dhaka
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currently conductingonct accountability. they have accounted for 100 f persons of american citizensofmi working under the chiefhe cef mission authority.utrity. the terror group isis is claiming responsibilityilit crediting "isis commandos with carrying it." i [speaking foreign language]la >> the interpreter: wengnterpr: talked to the employees of theye manager that tried to come tri out.ou now we're trying to see if it can be revolved peacefully. >> reporter: a earlier a eli hindu police was hacked tol death collecting flowers, an attack police are blaming on o radical islamist this after aftr authorities in bangladeshanglh rounded up more than ad up mth thousand suspects including ancg number of suspected islamist radicals after a recent waveen v of attacks on religiousigio minorities there. caron mchugh, fox news. >> while isis is claimingg responsibility authorities intis bangladesh are not immediately i responding to that claim. cla in the past they have dn
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isis has a presence there.he to serbia where fiveto people are dead, 2 s0 people peo injured after a gunman walkedma into a cafe shooting. sotin police say the gunman is ins custody accused of shootingin his wife and another womanoman before randomly shooting at other people insider cafe. c security will certainly be tight in the dmv. d d.c. officials say officers will be working around therod te clock to keep you and yourto ken loved ones safe.d fox5's alexandria limon ison live on the national mallall where security preps are underrs way. good morning, alex. a >> reporter: hey, good hey, morning, annie.nnie yesterday during that presstre conference i asked police chief cathy lanier whether w terrorist events around the ad world like the bombings at thent airport in turkey and also the e call from isis for additional attacks during ramadhan whichrah actually ends the day afterfter the fourth of july, whetherer those were things taken into tao account when planning at whenlan security plan for the fourth thf of july here in the nation's capitol.capi and lanier says of courseourse
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are always something that theyhy look at and take into accountina but she says honestly the the security plan during during independence day is already so tight, that now d.c. officials a like the police and fireir department are focusing oning other problems that they face fc every year and people just forget to think about.ut now, we're talking about things like heat exhaustion and dehydration because of the weather, unsafe and drunk and d drivers and unfortunatelyortute being like a fire that burns and injuries caused by peopleauo setting off fireworks at home. m >> this is the only one day ofeo the year that we put a sparkler which goes to to 1200 degrees in a small s child's hands. why do we do that. t >> reporter: d.c. fire chief. ff gregory dean says in hisy dean opinion everyone should leaveull it to the professionals, enjoy fireworks displays and head toea places like the national malltim for safety reasons. rsons now, if that
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in mind this list of prohibited items on yourtems ono screen that includes alcoholes h drugs weapons personal fireworks, grills, tents and t this relatively new addition, drones.dres. now, officials also recommendls using public transportation.port the good news is if that isth i your plan, metro tells me there's no scheduled safeuled s track work. on monday they have expanded service for the fourth of july. starting at 2:00 serviceee will build to rush hour-like hri service and the peak timeseak will be before and after the fireworks displays, so, again, a no scheduled track work onk o monday, so some good newss there. but through the weekend therekee is track work and just keep inp mind that today and tomorrow too rail service will end at midnight. midnight reporting live in downtownnt d.c., alexandria limon, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> well, developing thising th morning alexandria police areexc investigating a deadlyeadl shooting tat
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morning around 4 o'clock in'clok the 1000 block of firstf rs street. police say a man was shotas sho there. the shooter is still on thetillo loose and police are currently investigating. and now to a fox5 f exclusive. d.c. detectives are taking avesa close look at metro m surveillance video after a teenaged boy says he was heldasl against his will by ay a stranger. he claims it happened on as appe green line metro train after refusing to perform a sexual t act.o fox5's tisha lewis spoke to ske the teen last night. n >> reporter: the scare comesom ahead of the holiday the teenaged boy was able to escape and got off here at the t navy yard station. he got on the train just two jt stops earlier at the congress or heights station when he sat inat an empty seatio next to theo t suspect.spec now, the young victim says the rider asked him to perform a pfa sexual act in exchange for for $10.0. when the teen refused and tn tried to get up and sit init another seat, the man grabbed gd his arm pulled him down andn and held him in place.ldim in plac eventually the 17-year-old waslw able to break free to
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this reportedly all went down dw this morning sometime betweenngs 8:00 and 8:30.:3 the victim was on his way to a summer job.ob. he called his boss who then helped him file a policeile a po report. we are not identifying theifyihe victim because he's underages ue and the nature of the crime. c. >> this might happen again andga i feel as though people should know what go on on the metro.eto people don't realize what's happening on the people are like on the metro thm you want to go this place, i want to go this people hear on the news thatewta things happen to all these a t people but they don't think't ti it's ever going to happen toappt them. that's how i felt.'s h i f >> reporter: a metro official says there's likely surveillance. many of the new trains have h surveillance on board.ce on boa once the attacker is identified they'll release thest surveillance image of the attacker to the public. pli right now he's facing simplee assault and enticing a
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tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> metro says progress ises i being made in its safe trackafec repair work.k. the general manager sayss workers have removed all off those potentially troublesome underground insulator. ins insulators say they've been replaced by fiberglass whichas is more heat resistant. they support the electrifiedlect third rail but in recent months 1346 them have caughtem v on fire. f good news for metro riders. you have a 15 minute graceute ge period at all rail stations. sti that means customers who enternt through the fare gates can nowno change their mind within 15n 15 minutes and exit the system at s the same station without a staow penalty. now, prior to this changeor to customers entering and exiting g the same station would be charged the base fare even if they didn't travel. well, coming up on fox5 o fx news at 7::the anacostia riveriv is at the center of a major restoration project that willojl open it up to the swimmers inwir the coming years. y
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plan coming up and of coursers caitlin will have another lookto at today's forecast. fec a beautiful morning here inere the stay with us.s. fox5 news morning will be right back. right back.
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and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. >> ♪ >> welcome back. the anacostia is widelytia is w considered one of the most one polluted rivers in the country. just this week the anacostia ano watershed society gave it an f a in its report card on thed t river but the news isn't all bad. the river should be well on its way to be swimmable in theae next decade. fox5's paul wagner h
7:14 am
story. >> reporter: this is one is on filthy river, one of the fillhef kneest in thfilthiest in the nat it's nothing new.ot new the dirty river has been a dumping ground for decades. dad but that's about to change and a in a big way. d.c. water's investingnv billions of dollars to build a series of tunnels around thed city that will take the combined sewage and put it in its proper place.lace >> we have a requirement to capture the sewage through this tunnel system this orangehg line and blue line, those are tunnels underneath the anacostia river to blueo b planes, to get this complete cpt by march 23rd, 2018. >> reporter: the tunnels are a 100 feet
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at this site on the banks ofsi the anacostitea near rfk stadium a huge boring machineachi nicknamed nanny has hard madeash it to the 11th street bridget and on its wbray to another ano tunnel already completed.omplet. >> we'll go ahead and mined and down to popular point which isnh on the south side of the anacostia on the other side of d nats stadium and we'll pull we'l nanny out at this location. >> reporter: the clay she's clah digging is placed on a conveyor belt which is then deposited at the bottom of a th shaft where it's picked up by a giant crane and eventually eva removed from the site.mofr to the northwest of rfk stadium d.c. water has beenr ha building a tunnel along firstlo street northwest where there'srs been terrible flooding for >> we've installed a small a s purge station stati 10 million-gallon a day pumpay m station on the southern terminance. it will be acting like a large
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storage system.ys it will pump into the the existing -- into the existing et system. >> reporter: according toepter: d.c. water 2 billion gallons of combined or raw sewage s flows into the river more than 80 times a year. yea and by the time the project is completed in the next decade, dc that should be reduced to two. >> all this work in thisk t general area will capturel pt sewage that's currently goinglyg to the anacostia. aco we still need to build the northeast boundary tunnel to tl get our 98 percent capture but b we dramatically capture a lot a of sewage that's going into the river. >> reporter: although the anacostia watershed societyrs gave the river an f, overall ove it says the river is paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> metro is showcasing awcin special art display to honoror an american universityni graduate killed at kild noma-gallaudet deb station. stai the images are photographs taken by kevin sutherlanduthean killed on a metro trai
7:17 am
july all who knew him say he was a very talented photographer andph he was traveling to the national mall to capture cap images the fireworks when heorke was killed. kille some of the photographs featured include images of thege union station, the washington monument and the u.s. capitol. >> ♪ >> all right, time now 7:17. caitlin is back with anotherhnoh look at today's weather. yesterday it just startedust pouring after dinnertime. >> yes, i know. kno >> out of nowhere. out ofowhere >> it was like the skies skies opened and we were like zero le no. that game was delayed i think ws a couple times. we had two rounds of badwo r weather that came through.r it was a busy night. >> oh, gosh.>> >> much quieter today.quie >> good. >> so nice. a lot of people want to be ate the beach today, out on the water barbecuing out by therbuig pool. fourth of july weekend is here. o today is going to be rest of the weekend not soo much. 65 a 50-50
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today should be really nice be c and very comfortable so, yes, we had storms thatrms came through yesterday butterdab that really cut out theeallt ou humidity so it feels veryy comfortable at a.ortaat satellite and radar quiteradarue quiet. cold front has now moved offed o towards our south and high a hih pressure is in it just should be really niceeae and sunny all day long. lon here's what we're watching. storm system turn out of est midwest bringing heavyem rain ti parts of nebraska and kansas.a n that is going to move due eastward.wa not bringing a severe weathereea threat but it is bringing autis heavy rain threat throughoutt tu the day on monday the fourth fou of july.uly. unfortunately that's going tooit be have to be a fourth of july l will we clear out in time for fireworks? we might.ight. that's the way it looks rightksg now and i'll show in you aw y minute.minute outside right now reagann national 71 degrees.ees. dulles 69, bwi marshall 68 ands8 this is without the humidityid so it feels very gorgeous morning to go, exercise, even just head out h to the pool very 66 gaithersburg, 63 frederick, i 64 at winchester, 66 in
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culpeper and nice to be ne to getting some of thesehese comfortable mornings thise morn summer. really the heat has been can kept at became i know yesterday was so humid but we haven't had too many man intolerable days.ay fox futurecast starting offff with saturday gorgeous,aturday , sunshine wall to wall, reallylly nice. by this evening a watch is going to lift up from the north and the clouds willcloudsl increase.ea so will that hit by this time tomorrow morning when you're watching fox5 newson morning as i know you will be,il there are some showers outr there and making it as far north as northern virginia vir into southern maryland. myl as that continues to liftt northward there will be ad ere chance for showers.or shors rain tomorrow will be fairlyro b light, very isolated. isola not looking at widespread rain r but enough that there will be showers, there will be plentyl e of clouds including at the beaches. let's fast forward to mondayorrt morning, 7:00 a.m., here wea.m.w go. this is the fourth of july. j this forecast is not lookingoo showers begin in the morning, mg increased in coverage and intensity by the afternoon andeo there could be pockets of heavy rain, thunderstorms allndr i'm stoppin
7:20 am
p.m. a lot of that rain seems toeems stay off towards our west. tards this would be our window when fireworks begin but this is thii not too much of a win tow, so w that is what we're watching. wan is there a chance we could get those fireworks in? as far asw today, though, mildin withd w temperatures in the low 80's0' later on but this is actually aa below normal.ormal. dry pleasant weather, very comfortable. here are those projected highrod pressure system. 83 in washington, beautiful to be out on the can chesapeake che this afternoon.fton but don't forget that t sunscreen, you really need it.t. high spf because we have the high u.v. index. 59 in hagerstown tonight, 62ig in frederick, 61 at dulles sos s comfortable again tonight but then by sunday as the clouds increase, so does the humidityhe and the chance for showers. swe with all this rain it keeps kee things kind of cool. rain and thunderstorms all dayol monday. will we clear out in the evening? hard to say right now. there will be a chance butterncr there will probably bee waterlogged ew
7:21 am
77 degrees. early thunderstorms that lastunm into tuesday, s 84 degrees as ws clear out and then the heatea returns.rns. this is looking much more summer-like as temperaturess tem climb well into the 90's by thursday and then into friday.ra that's a look at your y seven-day forecast and now now we're going to send it back to annie. >> get ready for the big show. b we are just a couple of tase oft away from the big july 4th celebrations across the dmv.s tv of course the digest displayis will be right here in d.c.n.c the annual fireworks show willho kick off at 9:09. it will last 17 minutes. min the d.c. fireworks are not the e only game in town of course. fireworks will light the sky the around fairfax high school around 9:30. 9:3 gaithersburg is trying a new venue at bora park this years starting at 9:25. 9 we have a complete list of theit fir works displays in ours region. just go to our web site for the full listl s and everything you need toerythy know. if you plan on attendingoul any fourth of july festivities
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leave those drones at home. flying unmanned aircraft isnmana illegal in national parks and anywhere within a 15-mile a5- radius of reagan nationalio airport.airport. those areas are called incalled drone zones and on monday aony d.c. man was fined for flyingly a drone in that restrictedesic space for the second time inime nine months. m the holiday weekend is here and some people heading h for vacations and othersth heading to see relatives.ativ we wanted to know howo kw celebrities are celebratingting the fourth.the fo fox's michelle polino foundo out. >> reporter: while mostle m americans celebrate ceb independence day with cookoutsh and fireworks, we caught upug with a few famous faces tos t find out how they're planning pn to spend the holiday. holid >> i think i want to go home g and see my family inily cleveland. it's been awhile since i've sinv been home. h >> we'll be on a flight to australia over the fourth ofourt july to do more press for the movie. >> i have to hold it down onown the plane there we have to doweo very american things. >> i'm probably going to go toy the beach or something or go go see relatives.iv ha
7:23 am
texas. >> reporter: smoky robinson will be spending the day innghey washington, d.c. headlining pbs's a capitol fourthapit celebration. >> it's such a great day and a great night for america. ameri you know, we're celebrating the 240th birthday anniversaryna of america, of the united states of america and that -- t that's such a great milestone.i. >> ♪ >> reporter: joey chestnutter:o the eight time winner of o nathan's famous hot dog eating n contest will try to reclaim recm this title on monday in coney >> 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes. mt last year i lost so the pressure to get back the title t this year. y this year is the 100 yearea anniversary of nathan's. nhan' >> reporter: along with goodit g food fireworks and friendsnd frn people will also reflect on refo the meaning of the day. day >> this wasn't an easy thingasyt to happen, you people lived and people died d for us to be here right now n and, you know, i wish we think
7:24 am
about it and see what a what beautiful opportunity we haveeav to -- to love and -- and help hl each other out. >> it's important to be grateful for everything that this beautiful country offersry us and everyone who lives in it. >> ♪ >> reporter: in hollywood, michelle polino fox news. new >> a wild animal at bush guardud deaths. the latest on this orangutan's t escape which forced an evacuation.ti time right now is 7:24. is back right after this. t >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now is 7:development a disturbing story out of tennessee this mornings .bing police say four children wereld killed all of them stabbed to sd death. the children's mother is in is custody being questioned instion their deaths right now.ow the children were all under u the age of six and lead investigators call the murdersue ruthless and simply s unimaginable.ima meanwhile bill cosby'sos lawyers taking aim at theaim accuser in his criminal sexual a assault case. cas they're asking a judge to order andrea constand toand refund the money cosby paidos p her to settle her lawsuit aawsu decade ago. cosby argues she violated their confidentiality agreement by speaking toen police. constands lawyers claim cosbyer is trying harass t
7:28 am
and cosby still denies chargesha that he drugged and molestedte constand in 2004. 2 we are learning newearng details about the man killed kil while traveling in a selfngn a driving car. c the accident happened lastent hl month in flori. the tesla model s car crashed c into a tractor-trailer.rail now early reports indicate thei tesla's cameras did not see a tractor-trailer coming intor-aie its path and therefore did not d brake. this is the first known traffic death involving a selfef driving car.iv >> this is a situation wheretioe the car's auto pilot feature can maybe lull new a false f sense of security because itt really does a good job of o taking over the driving. >> the driver was joshua brown n and records obtained by thene be associated press show brown shob had a history of he was issued eight speeding sen tickets over six years including one in virginia butni so far there's no indication speed was a factor in this t crash. cr still ahead the uproarhe upa over what attorney general loretta lynch called one 30alon
7:29 am
former president bill clinton. n that and much more comingeom up. time now 7:28. caitlin will be back withk another look at today'stoday' weather. weathe stay with us. fox5 news morning on thisor o saturday will be right back. ri.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:31. this is a live look of the bayhe bridge of ofrs everyone is headed east to thehe beaches, to have a great timeat with their family and friends, n lots of laughter, love,ove, barbecue food while caitlinwhiln and i are here. her we're holding down the fort. news, weather everything youthen need to know. caitlin what do people need toee know about today.bout tay. >> today is beautiful.odays beau i think their biggest issue is e traffic along the bay bridge. everyone a quick get away to awa the beaches.the i know that traffic probably pra began on wednesday, maybe evenae thursday as this is thes thist weather we have been waiting for. fo gorgeous crystal clear blue sky morning, comfortable, not nearly asg, humid as yesterday.e should be a spectacular dayaculd out by the water but don't forget the high spf, high u.v. index today.oday much drier this morning drier ti compared to yesterday wes lostl all of the humidity after thetye storms came through last cam night. 71 in washington, 60's showingso up north and west. w 65 in martinsburg, 63 there in cumberland. check the eastern shore. shore 69 in ann
7:33 am
stevensville and 72 in 72 i cambridge so really a nice n morning and should be a a beautiful day. d current dewpoints are only inwp the 50's. what this means is it's a measure of how humid it is it s outside. when we see these numbers start to get towards 70 orto above that's really oppressive s humidity. that's what we saw yesterday. when you see the 50 it's as a much cooler drier air mass. m if you're about to head out, walk the doggie for a morningor run, enjoy it. it feels nice out als nicout spectacular saturday that'slar s what we're calling it toe' kickstart the holiday high pressure in place. sunshine.nsne looks really niles.oks now, things change rapidlyangely with our holiday weekend. wke a warm front quickly liftsck through later tonight intola early tomorrow morning, sonin, sunday is definitely going tooit feature more clouds. cloud maybe partly sunny at thepaly s beaches. if you're trying to get thatyine tan on today is the best day.tht tomorrow might be a littleowe touch and go with all the t cloud cover and yes, showershowe especially towards our south soh where the warm front is comingrf from.from. so, we may even see some raindrops before sunday a over r and then into monday thingsy thn deteriorate pretty quickly
7:34 am
unfortunately.rtunatel i'll step out of the way here. h weekend forecast 83 taxas83 beautiful no problems, warms, w and sunny.d s sunday some showers there and t any of these showers that arerst coming through going to keephr that temperature down toou about 81 degrees. seven-day forecast let's hone in on the fourth of july sof s unfortunately the timing not tig great with our next storm next r system that will spread rain rn across the area and rain couldao be heavy at times throughoutouou the morning, the afternoon,fton thunderstorms embedded withinedt this there may be a window for fireworks but i mean this will be a pretty slight window. windo it just depends how easily we hw can get these fireworks offorkso and how long we have that window because looks likeause le showers and thunderstorms willos linger into early tuesdayesday morning. we clear out late tuesday. tsday the rest of the week lookseek l nice, mostly sunny. sunny we turn hot and humid towards tr the end of the week.of theee maybe higher than that t 90 degrees on thursday.nda humid with a chance of chanc o thunderstorms on thursday.rms os so closely watching that fourth of july forecast annieeca but unfortunately we may belye a dealing with some rainome rai throughout the day on monday.on bummer. >> hopefully things willop efange.
7:35 am
with the holiday weekendidae security will be tight in the dmv. y ficials say officers will besa working around the clock to clok keep you and your loved onesd o safe. fox5's alexandria limon live on the national mall thisthis morning where security preps are under way. alex i drove by it two days iay think it was and already ind a could see the barriers goingrieg up and things like that. thingse so how are the preps comingin along? along? >> reporter: that's right, annie, a lot of security prepsit already under way and in fact yesterday d.c. officials held a press conference to briefnce everyone about what's going to w be happening over the weekend and i'll tell you the d.c. d fire chief said if it was up w to him everyone would head to professional events like thisike one at the mall for safety safy reasons.on the vdot director said if hed if had it his way everyone wouldld simply rely on public transportation in order toortati avoiond things like drunkke driving but since they know that likely won'tt be the casec for everybody there is an all encompassing safety andafy an security plan in place whichcehi
7:36 am
of visible police and securityy presence. presence. heat exhaustion illegal fireworks and drunk drivers are just some of thexhs problem law enforcement and fire crewsre will have to deal with thishhi holiday weekend. weeke >> this is the only one day ofay the year that we put a put sparkler which goes to to 1200 degrees in a small s child's hand. hand. why do we do. they as tourists and residents d flood the nation's capitol top celebrate independence day world events like the airportrt bombings in istanbul and thebuad call from isis for moree attacks on the west during thedu holy time of ram today whichhi ends july 5th are also things taken into account. >> has it changed anything specifically for security planning for the fourth ofal th july? there have been small ben changes but we have a prettyre tight security plan for thelan r fourth of july with ourur partners so it's nothing n significant and nothing thatthit should change the ability for ai people to come here and justcomn feel safe and still celebrate.ll >> reporter: chief lanieref lie says the majority of theity of e police force will be on theorcew quad.qu. she also says t
7:37 am
known terrorist threats to theoo district of columbia and that tb typically the biggest risk factors other than onesha dealing with health andg th h intense heat are the largearge crowds and potential for f children to be separated from families.fa burns due to unsafe people are asked to pitch in i and help out those who will spend their time working toorknt protect the public. >> we should pause to reflectpa on all the government workers we but especially our publicub safety officials who are w spending time away from their tr own families to keep our city safe. safe. >> reporter: now, if you arer: relying on publicg on pc transportation and the metro m specifically this weekend andhi monday, here's was need to wased know.. saturday and sunday surge two continues so keep in mindn m decreased service and those serd closures. also the fact that rail the f service ends atac midnight bothb of those days.ay now on monday metro says theresr is no scheduled track work, so s good news also, starting at
7:38 am
rail service will build to rush hour-like servicekeer t;!hroughout the evening onveni monday, the fourth of julyf jy with peak service being before b and after -- after the fireworks now, the only concern is, ass, you mentioned, caitlin, the t possible storms that couldhat cu roll in monday and that couldhac poe essentially delay the fireworks to tuesday if those t storms are bad enough, nownoug n metro says if that happens, hape they are prepared to replicate fourth of july service on tuesday. reporting live in downtownow d.c., alexandria limon, fox5 local >> all right, good to knowod tok they have a backup plan.pla thanks alex. a donald trump continues toonu slam former president billorme clinton for his privaterite meeting with attorney general loretta lynch. the two had a 30 minute 30 minue conversation this week as they crossed paths at the phoenixenix airport. she says it was just aboutju a family and golf. trump says the meeting has "opened up a pandora's box.
7:39 am
." lynch says she'll back off thek investigation and accept acc whatever recommendations fbi investigators make about theatut case. a lot of people are heading out of town thisa out oh weekend but if you are staying a in town looking for a cool a coo place to celebrate the holidayod weekend maybe it's the movies. . we've got your weekend movie review in our fox beat coming up. time right now 7:39. 7 we'll be right back. b >> ♪ >> ♪
7:40 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. an exciting night at the air and space museum. last night thean museum marked an important milestone.ilto its 40th anniversary.nniv that's huge. and to celebrate the museumus kept its doors opened all ope night. in fact, it's still opened stilo right now and it gave guests a chance to participate in a i a night at the museum and see some new and cool exhibits.ibit very, very cool.oo all right, it's movieght, io review time. tim and a lot of new films hittingit the box office this holiday thid weekend. one of them the bfg. what did our kevin mccarthyccarh have to say about steventen spielberg's latest piece ofpie work. take a look. >> ♪ >> hey everybody it's kevin evey mccarthy. here with your move reeve view including steven spielberg's
7:43 am
the bfb, big friendly giantendli finally hitting theaters.heat spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time jaws et indiana jones, jurassic park now taking on the 1982roal dahl's. charlie and the chocolate factory. factory. this film is dealing with markih rylance who plays the big friendly giant. g rylance wouldn't the academye we award for bridge of spice bute p here he's playing a giant who is 25 feet tall t what they do is he performs per the performance with motion wh capture and they capture itaptue all and that's why his faceis f looks so photo realisticli because you're actually seeing n his performance come through cou the digital character. chara his character of the giant becomes friends with this young girmel played by ruby barnhill named sophie in theinhe film. fi it's a beautiful story with great themes, great visuals.
7:44 am
the 2d version is the versione you want to v see not 3-d. there are scenes in the films im where the big friendly giantendn holds out his hand and the girl sophie walks onto theon hand and he carries her. here's how they did this.y did it's so it was basically a gigantic gan blue hand and it had cushions cs so she would walk into it and the can cushion would show her sinking and that was supposed so to represent her sinking into the actual flesh of the hand. h it is so well done and so well w imagined. it reminded me of the feeling i have when i watched et in regards to the imagination. that's exactly what spielbergrg has ton here again.rein john williams' music isic fantastic. it is incredibly well done andoa i gave it a four out of five. i think this is spielberg's best film along with a littleit film called bridge of spice since 2005's munich.muni so, i think you know overallw you look at spielberg's careerrc i would have to say that jaws t is probably the best movie heov ever made. m put jurassic park in
7:45 am
indiana jones et but from 2005 until now there haven't been a ton of great spielberg films.ell i think this is a great i also think that bridge of brio spice is a great film and then 2005's munich was a phenomenal e film as well. wel saving private ryan.saving pri so many to my to he's an amazing film maker. my interview with spielberg isbi available on my facebook page.k check it out there and have a great weekend.grea i'm kevin mccarthy, fox >> ♪ >> thanks kevin.>>nks okay, well, are you a y frequent flier? we already know that no one wants the wants middle seat on a flight but a a new airplane design couldsi change all that. t we'll explain this coming up. >> ♪ >> 7:45 is your time. taking a live look across the region. it is a beautiful>>, les a e aitlin roth will roth thed the have your full forecast righture after this.caaf >> ♪
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
>> the seventh annual independence day burger eating t contest for the second year in a row molly sch duler from nebraska, the number one number ranked female competitive eater in the world she won again. she ate 28 hamburgers
7:49 am
minutes, two better than her previous record of 26 lastt year. she's the mother of four.four she took home $1,500 in cash inc and probably a stomachache. everyone was treated to a free e single burger. bge get this. nothing says independence day like a hot dog. americans are expected to chow down on 150 million of them on july 4th. the cost of all those dogs around two and a half billion dollars.llar i can't believe she ate 28 burgers. >> look at her. >> she's so tiny. t where does that go? >> but a lot of theseotf these competitive eithers are they just have large symptomge max and can store it somewheresr and constantly move it along.t a >> can you imagine how bad you y feel after eating 28 burgers. br congratulations to her,ratula special talents but that makes m me ill. i but you know what, hamburgers, hot dogs such an suh
7:50 am
weekend. >> it is. it's a big weekend.igkend >> like most holidays in thisoln wonderful country the food is f a big part of it and for your barbecue plans today as we a take a live look outside onutdeo this saturday morning,orni gorgeous, gorgeous view of thehe national monument.onumen will you have fantastic barbecuing weather. a beautiful day to brbe in the n district for all of our out of town guest and so many gst a visitors we have on this we havo wonderful holiday weekend. week. the weather is going the startii out fantastic.out ntas we got rid of the humidityheum from yesterday.terday. blue skies out there like you te saw and temperatures are veryrer comfortable.comfe. it's going to be a really nicee the weekend starts great but itt can't really say that it endst d great.great. we've got some big changes on cg the way by the time we get toe monday the fourth of july. frth satellite and radar highll pressure in place. noitthing to be concerned abouta today. this is the storm system i'm concerned about for monday.mond. it's not exactly bringing a lot of severe weather with it. it's really trust trundling trui across the country bringing heavy rain. it's in the west right now.the t it r will move into the ohio valley by tomorrow and by monday it's going to b move due east straight through northerntn
7:51 am
bringing us some rain. outside right now though it's i a beautiful morning, 71 in washington, 66 gaithersburg,aith 66 winchester and 70's in culpeper. nice afternoon in the mountains, tceoo, great t, grea visibility beautiful for hiking.. winds out of the northwest the bringing in that cooler drier ci air but we'll see the windsin increase a little bit latere bi this afternoon as highs pressure builds on in. so, 10 miles an hour now, maybe coming closer tog closer 20 miles an hour at times so a a bit of a breeze and overall ove just a pleasant day.tay fox futurecast as we go w through saturday, no prob else . warm front moves through f overnight. by the time we're on thero air tomorrow morning sunday look at this cloud cover including iu all of the beaches so warm front is going to bring theoingt clouds and yes, even some yes, m showers towards our south.s tow. some of those showers couldose d get into the washington areanre by afternoon tomorrow.w. so, we're not talking about aut lot of rain tomorrow but there b is the possibility of ality o shower.ower. overall it's cloud deal. it's not a terrible day.riblda we'll save that for monday butoy it won't be as bright andnd beautiful as today. ato here's monday. st
7:52 am
early in the morning, rainng, heavy at times and thunderstorms throughout theto day.rm so, i don't think you'll bell barbecuing or out by the poolhe or out by the beach.he b this is definitely a day spentas best indoors and really lousy.ll into the evening we may have ame window for fireworks but weut may also be dealing with heavyih rain. rain it's just kind of where iss this band going to set up asto p we head into monday night but the threat for showers andhowerd thunderstorms continues intorm tuesday morning unfortunately. but a look at today. the front is down towards ourowr south. we're nice and warm and dry.dry. temperatures into the lowures 80's. here are those numbers.umbers 83 in washington.hito 82 dulles.ds. 82 annapolis, 85 in fredericksburg.ed clear skies tonight we falleal back into the 60, 61 dulles,ul 67 in washington, a little bit milder out by the chesapeake.sak 81 with those showers swe possible, more clouds monday showers andnd thunderstorms throughout therm day as alex talked about wex tad might have to delay thoselay fireworks until tuesday night.ti we start out stormy on tuesday e but we'll clear out into thehe afternoon, mostly sunny and heating up through the evidenthr of the week, tempera
7:53 am
into the 90's by then. the that's a look at yourk at y seven-day forecast. annie. annie. >> thank you caitlin.haou cai here's an inning story.tory health officials in arkansasffii are hoping people will relieve themselves in an unusualnusu location this holiday weekend. e they've deployed what they areta calling floating potties andotti there you see it. the $67,000 bathroom on a lake is anchored by a 4,000-pound,0-p weight with 24 hours satellite surveillance. satellites monitor when theitort door opens and how many timesow the door flushes. fsh two pump out boats are astound a each restroom and will runood wr once a week to clean them. t off the tea then. get this. you soon may be fighting over o the middle seat on your nextr n flight. that's unusual. an airplane diana rocco has revealed its design for for so-called side slip seats.p sts the seats simply slide overy sl each other to add more room in the aisle as passengers board b and exit the plane.anexit the best part is the width of wh the middle seat increases fromso 18 to 20-inches and sitses and further back.fu each seat will also
7:54 am
elbow room and excerpts sayexcey the new design could result inue quicker flight turn aroundsds and lower ticket costs.os well, you are watchingu w fox5 news at 7:00. 7:0 we will be right back as the 8 o'clock rolls on. >> ♪ >> ♪
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ly. >> welcome back. it was a chaotic scene in tampa flori cda after an orangutan escaped its cage at busch gardens it marks the second time an orangutan has escaped at the park. park. the theme park was complete evacuated. it was eventually tranquilizedui and placed back into its cage. g thankfully no one was hurt. h big disruption in then amusement park but again no injuries.inri that does it for us here doe at 7:00 much more ahead at 8:00. stick with us. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> ahead this morning,ning breaking news overseas.ves. a 10-hour long standoff at a popular restaurant inurt bangladesh is now over.lades no the attack leaving severalng ser people dead. we'll have the very latest les coming u and preparations are undertn way in our area for this year's fourth of july celebrations. of course happening on thee national mall but security will be tight. what local law enforcement arect doing to keep you safe and how w metro is preparing for thehe large crowds. cro and later, nasalateasa celebrating the holidayg the hoy weekend in a very big way. w we'll have the details ofheetais their latest mission that scientists will make america's a birthday extra special.pecial very cool.ryoo time now is 8 o'clock. 8 o'o good morning and welcome to fox5 news morning on thisinon ti saturday. i'm annie yu.i'm >> and i'm caitlin roth.ot happy saturday on this holiday h weekend.
8:01 am
>> yes, good to have you back on the weekend. a three ti took about week hiatus.weekia great to be back. b good to see you annie. >> yesterday we had someterday e disruption. we had the big thunderstorms and everything and now looking b forward, alex mentioned possibly if we have storms,tos, these preps could be delayed. >> i know. we are looking at ang unfortunate fourth of julyth ofj forecast that we'll have to'll t watch to see if we get g fireworks in or not but alex ale was saying they're preparing pra to delay them to tuesday ifsdayi they have to. he look at that shot.lo that was spectacular. >> looks artificial. >> descent? so blue. such clear our ought there this morning. it's so comfortable. sle we lost the humidity of of yesterday.yeerda 73 degrees at reagan national, o 70 at dulles, 71 bwi marshall.ah this is going to be ag toe fantastic july day. temperatures right now very comfortable north and west,t, cool, 66 in martinsburg, 64burg cumberland but we're alle're a responding to that brightthat bi sunshine jumping into the 70'shs very quickly. 71 annapolis, 73 quantico. high u.v. index
8:02 am
you burn very easily easy especially if you're out onut the beach, at the boat,oa anywhere near the water.heat do be careful despite the facthf that it's such a nice day. nic nothing like a sunburn to ruin your vacation honestly.onestly. i speak from experience.xpie >> take the aloe.e loe. >> yes, take it all. i a maybe some after bite, too. t the mosquitos are out. weekend setup, high pressuregh s moving in, dry and breezy withh sunshine, it's gorgeous. gge a warm front lifts northward though tomorrow and we're pretty cloudy fo tr sunday. also some scattered showersre into the forecast and this isori all in advance of a low pressure system which willich w affect our fourth of july. j independence day weekend we start off great, sunny andunnynd breezy today, 83.3. showers possible tomorrow andom a cloudy sunday,,1. rain heavy at times and times a thunderstorms throughout theto day on monday. we might have a window forrm fireworks but this would be a b slight window monday evening,nig 79 degrees.79 more details to come in your you seven-day forecast. >> thanks caitlin. we are following severalwinr breaking news stories this hour. we begin in maryland where thee
8:03 am
department is battling this intense fire its a house firee along the 2200 block of norbeck road there in silverro spring we're told there may be people o trapped inside and there arendra several road closures in that t area. our alexandria limon is l heading to the scene now andnd we'll check in with her for wit the very late nest just a fewat minutes. also in maryland a three-car collision in silverll spring has sent six people tosit the hospital. it happened around 6 o'clock 6'c this morning along georgiaeo avenue and forest glen road.en r the southbound lane of georgiaeo avenue is closed as firsts rs responders remain on the scene t there. no word on a cause or ther the condition of the victim. vti and breaking in virginia, vi police in alexandriaxandria investigating a deadly dea shooting overnight. o police say a man was shot in shn the 1000 block of first streettt around 3:30 this morning. mning he has been identified now as 23-year-old daquan hall.uan he was taken to the hospitalo tl where he died. no word on a possible suspect or murder.ur this is fourth homicide of theet year.year. overseas in bangl
8:04 am
restaurant is now over. however, officials say 200 people were killed in thed in te attack including two policewo officers.officers several of the attackers werekew also killed.illd. the 10 hour standoff finally coming to an end early thisar morning after police raided the upscale eatery in thecale en capitol city of bangladesh. band isis is claiming responsibility and fox's caronoc mchugh has the very latest. lat. >> reporter: a deadly siege s in the capitol of bangladesh. a group of attackers storming so a restaurant popular withar w americans and other foreigners right in the heart of the city'sin diplomatic zone fridayy night. ni armed gunmen taking dozens hostage. hurling bombs setting offg mbs t explosives and shooting att security forces killing multiple police officers. >> obviously in constant touch with bangladeshi authorities a as they continue to work wor through >> reporter: more than 25 morthn people rushed to the hospital hi following the initial assaultias with everything from broken b bones to gun shot woundsunds including dozens of police officers. fi
8:05 am
[speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: it is a spg anisnth restaurant, a small customers drop in mostly indrop the evening.e eveni this restaurant is where somee armed persons intruded. irude >> local security forces are s on the scene and recesponding.po our embassy in dhaka is currently conductinging accountability.unta they have accounted for one lunn percent of americanca citizens working under thehe chief mission authority. >> reporter: the terror group isis is claorimingimg responsibility crediting "isis commandos with carrying outg the attack." >> reporter: we'rattack. >> reporter: earlier in the day friday policete say a hinduh priest was lacked to death collecting flowers at a templeem in southwest bangladesh anades attack police are blaming on radical islamists.slamists. this after authorities in bangladesh recently rounded up d more than a thousand suspects including a number ofing a suspected islamist radicals ric after a recent wave of attackstt on rel
8:06 am
caron mchugh, fox news. >> well, here at home, it ise, t sure to be a busy weekend ineend the district as thousands thoan prepare to celebrate america's birthday on the national mall. m security will be extra tight. fox5's alexandria limon has h the detailsism heatlsism hea exhaustion, illegal fireworks fw and drunk drivers are justunk dj some of the problemsus law enforcement and fire crewsir c will have to deep with thiss holiday weekend. >> this is the only one day ofya the year that we put a sparkler which goes to 1200 degrees in a small child's hands.child's hands why do we do that.o t >> reporter: as tourists and residents flood the nation's at capitol top celebrate ceb independence day, world eventsde like the airport bombings inngs istanbul and the call from f isis for more attacks on theks t west during the holy time of ramadhan which ends july 5ths jt are also things taken intoak int account. >> has it changed anything anytn specifically for securityor sec planning for the fourth of july?
8:07 am
small changes.ha we have a pretty tighty t security plan with ourour partners. it's nothing significant andnift nothing that should change the ability of people to come here h and feel safe and celebrate. cea >> reporter: chief lanier says the majority of theity police force will be on theor w quad. she also says there's no known k terrorist threats to theoris district of columbia and of mbia typically the biggest riskis factors other than onesne dealing with health and untense heat are the large crowds and potential for a children to be separated from fm families, burns due to unsafe fireworks. people are asked to pitch in and help out those who will wil spend their time working toorkig protect the public.ub >> we should -- we shoulde sho pause to reflect on all of the government workers butkers but especially our public safety s officials who are spending spenn time away from their own families to keep our city safe. > >> if you are heading down toe e the national mall your best b bet to take toke keep in mind the transitn mind
8:08 am
schedule adjustments to accommodate the large crowds. red yellow and green lineenin trains will run on a weekend schedule.hele. there will be restrictions onios the orange blue and silver. on monday safe track work will be suspended.bepe metro will open at 7:00 a.m.n 0 and run on a saturday schedule d until 2:00 p.m. rush hour hour service will kick in beforeef and after the fireworks show.ors and of course fourth of fouf july is all about those they'll kick off at 9 o'clock 9o on monday. m there are plenty otheron options.options. fireworks will light the sky t s around fairfax high school sch around 9:30 p.m. and0 a gaithersburg is trying a new venue this year, it will be at e bora park starting at 9:25. 9:2 we have a complete list of the fireworks displays in our area n on our web site at still ahead, you are in the mega millions jackpot evensv bigger this morning. morni how much is now up for grabsor a coming up but first a fox5 f exclusive. a teenager says he was
8:09 am
what he says someone tried to to make him do in exchange for money. caitlin is going to have hav another look at today's weather.weat that's a live view of theof white house. a beautiful morning. morning stay with us. fox5 news morning will be right back.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> ♪ >> back now with a fox5 exclusive. d.c. detectives are taking a close lookk at metro m surveillance video after all anteenaged boy says he was heldl against his will by a a strang
8:12 am
green line metro train after refusing to perform a sexual t act.o ac fox5's tisha lewis spoke to to the teen. >> reporter: the scare comes scc ahead of the holiday the teenaged boy was able to escape and got off here at thehe navy yard station.ti he got on the train just two jt stops earlier at the congress cn heights station when he sat inat an empty seat next to theio snet suspect.spec now, the young victim salesti the rider asked him to perform r a sexual act in exchange for $10. $1 when the teen refused andhe tn e tried to get up and sit in sit another seat the man grabbed his arm, pulled him town anded n held him in place.lace. eventually the 17-year-old wasao able to break free to the victim was on his way to a summer j he called his boss who then helped him file a policea li report. we are not identifying thedentyg victim because he's underagee'se and the nature of the crime. cri >> this might happen again andgn i feel as though people should d know what go on on the 'cause people don't realizeea what
8:13 am
he was just -- people are like l i want to go this place, i want to go that you hear on the news stuffews happens to all these peopleeople but 33 don't think it'snk it' together to ever happen toero ev them. that's how i >> reporter: a metroetro spokesperson says it's likely lk there's surveillance video ofsu the attacker since many of the into your green line trains dogt have surveillance cameras onra board.board. now, once the attacker is identified metro says they'll release the surveillance imageil of the attacker to the public.ui right now he's facing simplee assault and enticing a minor. mn tisha lewis, fox5 local news.ew >> well, a former d.c. teacher e is facing child sex chargeshargs after he was arrested inin florida, 45-year-old allen-old a wade coleman is charged with first degree child sexualxu abuse. the case stems from eventsse ste that happened about 10 years yea ago when he was a teacher in the district.the coleman was arrested inted i gainsville back in may but hasut since been released by a relseda federal court.ral investigators are
8:14 am
pun lick tpublic to come forwar know of any illicit activityctiy he committed while in w gainsville. looking for the gunman whonw broke into a patient care patiee center in lanham. ilanh take a good look at thisook at surveillance video.rveillan you can see three masked mas gunmen steal carts of c prescription drugs load themti into an suv andon then they takt off. anyone with information is asked to call britche prince gee county >> all this bad news going on.wi i think we need something toomo lighten us up a little bit.e bit >> yes, we do., w i think we need our fox5 first five, the cutest thing ever.stne oh, my goodness. gdn this is philip.lip. look at that hair. hai static electricity going downn that slide.atlide absolutely love the smile, philip. >> hilarious. >> there is so cute. oh, my gosh.oh, just like the little things that make little kids so cute. philip is three years old and oa he lovers to play in the parkink as you can see here.ou c he is just having a
8:15 am
time. >> static air, don't care.'t ca. >> thank you annie.>> t you so, cute.ut ly that is exactly his motto hit and he is just having a greatst time. i just love that little outfit, great smile ifgreat smif adorable. >> he really, really is., reals. thank you for this adorabledorab picture and to send us your us u child's picture go to our facebook page, fox5 d.c. d.c >> static hair don't care. >> right. >> static share not usually what we'c re worried about this time of year, it's frizzys frizz hair, don't care. >> today feels real good. >> today feels excellent. exc weekends is starting offs artinf great. if you're just waking up, take a peek outside bright bluetlu skies, comfortable.foable cooler drier air came in air cin overnight and we are lookingd we at just a beautiful saturday. sr a lot of people up earlyp e trying to start their weekend we off right. right. a lot of people heading to theno beaches, out on the chesapeake maybe, or if you're just're staying at home trying to do to some barbecue hang by theng bthe pool. pool today is the day. t by the time we get to the endohe
8:16 am
not going to be the day to beaye outside. satellite and radar clear skies overhead. our cold front from yesterde ayd is well off towards our southwau and we should be mainly cloudai free this afternoon. afternoon. low pressure in the midwest,re e that is moving eastw it will move through the ohio valley tomorrow into our neck of the woods by mondayorhe unfortunately bringing thengg heavy rain threat and maybe mbe even some thunderstorms,stor, really compromising ourur fireworks on monday night.ig temratures right now, rightow, though, 73 degrees in we started in the 60's north0'or and west.d wt. we're still there in some se spots.sp 66 gaithersburg as well as martinsburg.sbur 68 in winchester and without wit the humidity really feelsllee fantastic. so a look at today. ak still not humid out there. ther. that's the good news with thatt front. down towards our south.owards su warm with temperatures into the 80's. but comfortably warm as we'vebla got a lot of sunshine. high u.v. index so do be do b careful. you need the high fox futurecast shows nows n problems today.ay tonight a warm front from thero south will lift northward nth bringing clouds as early as
8:17 am
also some showers so already alr rain in the forecast for tomorrow.tomo doesn't look to be overly widespread but enough to be a nuisance.nuisance not a beach day tomorrow. t not a good one to be out onut the water.war showers and clouds and then byy monday morning you really you rl don't want to be outside outsi because by the beginning ofinnig the day we've got showers. then we've got pockets of some heavier rain 18 maybe evenayn some thunderstorms.orms stop the clock at 8, 9ck at 9 o'clock. we're looking for a windowing fo here to at least get some fireworks in but wherever this heavy band of showers sets upetp that's not not h so, right now early call ial would say we're probably notblyn going to have the opportunity to see too many fireworks too mi unfortunately. may have to just delay them to tuesday. high temperatures later today into the midtu 80's, low0' l temperatures tonight.onig we fall back into the 60's. 6 let's can check that seven-dayve forecast.fore 81 with showers possiblehowe p tomorrow. temperatures stay in the 70's.i7 showers and thunderstormsnd monday. mond early thunderstorms tuesday.undo we clear out brmy wednesday.edny and then we turn hot for the rest of the week. that's your seven-day youseve foreca
8:18 am
now i'll send it back to annie. >> all right. well, this is a tale of goodale news and bad news. the bad news first. fir nobody won last night's megaighs millions jackpot drawing butwing the good news is tuesday's tsd drawing now expected to reachea $449 million. it will be the biggest jackpotot since the 430 million-dollaronoa powerball prize back in may. may get your >> ♪ >> now to the race for the t white house.o e. attorney general loretta lynchtn says she will take a back seat s in the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server and accept whatever w recommendations fbi investigator this comes following a a controversial private meeting me with bill clinton. fox's joel waldman has the latest.late >> i certainly wouldn't do itin >> reporter: attorney ep loretta lynch admitting a private 30 minute conversation between she and former president bill clintonli on the tarmac at the phoenixix airport monday raisedort mondayi suspicion even though lynch says the two just spoke about a family and golf. >> we spoke about
8:19 am
but it really was a social meeting. that meeting with president psie clinton does not have a hav bearing on how this matter isate going to be to b >> reporter: the attorney general making it clear she's ce not recusing herself into the investigation.ation. that means she cannot even beane briefed. briefed the white house now sayingaying it's staying out of the matter altogether. >> i've not raised this inot directly with the president.sidt he believes that this matter mat should be handled without withot regard to politics.rd >> reporter: donald trumpter: d meanwhile plans to meet with indiana governor mike pence sparking speculation about the presumptive gop nominee's possible vice presidential pick. trump blasting. >> do you think that he just he happened to be at the airport? i think he really opened it up. he opened up ahe i pandora's bob >> reporter: donald trumporte could announce his vp pick vp p before the party's convention help drum up excitemen
8:20 am
heading into cleveland with clew somewhere between four and seven names reportedly on hisdl short list.ortis in washington, joel waldmanl fox news. fox news >> good news for a mom whoseomho punishment for her own her children grabbed nationalatio attention. what a judge is now sayingge about the case.e case and nasa gearing up for what they hope will be any hope exciting weekend. we'll have details of its latest mission to the planet pla jupiter. time now 8:20.ow 8 we'll be right back after this. >> ♪
8:21 am
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>> ♪ >> happening now, a tennessee mother is under arrest afterng her four children were foundunne stabbed to death. police say officers wereffics called to an apartment complex l yesterday af. local media report ther t children were all under thee alr age of six and were pronouncedod dead at the a louisiana mother arrested for whipping her sons as punishment will likely notelo be charged and on friday a fda district attorney announced hend has no intention -- intentionin to charge 30-year-old shakwana w spears.spears spears says she whipped her three sons aged 13, 12 and 10nd1 after finding out they hady broken into a neighbor's home. spears gained widespread g support with many applaudingppla her for disciplining herer children.dr a 12-year-old girl facingl n charges after police say shete took her grandmother's car on a joyride leading officers in a chase reaching speeds up to 118 miles an hour. h to make matters worse here ers five-year-old sister was alsosts in the same car.. dashcam video
8:24 am
weaving and out of traffic tff running red lights and driving i into oncoming traffic.raff police say her grandmother initially called them the thanking -- thinking her granddaughters had beenddghte kidnapped.kidn they were able to find themablei using the car's on star system. and in california calorni firefighters are battling a a massive wildfire there that's now spans 1900 acres. 10 many residents are being evacuated.ted. firefighters say the fire iss 0 percent contained this morning. and in new york, it's rainsi that residents there arehe a dealing with. powerful storms ripped through the town o.. a tornado warning was also ao issued at one point. pnt >> nasa's way of celebratingeleb fourth of july is out of this world. it's juneau spacecraft set to reach jupiter on july 4th.y h. scientists are anxious sinceious j
8:25 am
in the entire solar system. fox's steve rappaport has more. more. >> reporter: nasa scientistsr: are hoping for a historic his fourth of july.uly. juneau spacecraft set to reachor jupiter after a five year, yea 1.8 billion-mile journey.lliorn >> there's a lot riding oning on what happens july 4th. happens we have to perform thisfo thi critical maneuver.ic >> reporter: nasa is openings juneau will be able to successfully compete a precise e move this independent day in ad preprogrammed series off mentions the spacecraft will w need to slow down late mondayy no in order to tripship into that jupiter's orbit. jup's it's designed to pierced to piee through the thick clouds and map. >> the rocket motor has to motoh burn at the right time in the r right direction at the right r moment tort right amount oft ri time for us to get into orbit.go and if that doesn't all go go just right, we fly past fly p jupiter. >> reporter: nasa's bowl is to put juneau on a path that pat loops over the planet's pole. the price tag
8:26 am
1.1 billion dollars.1. >> nasa had been to jupiter1 d j before but never this closeslo and we know a lot about abo jupiter from previous missions i but juneau is poised to answero the question that is we stillt i have. ha >> reporter: scientists arer: si hoping the mission will help hel determine how much waterrmin exists on jupiter and provideju insight on how the planetlane formed. form >> you know what juneau is really about is learning aboutiu the recipe for how solar s systems are made.systs ar we really -- scientists don't really understand how theow planets are made.anet we know after the sun formed,d, something happened and we werenw able to form jupiter.orm >> reporter: steveter: steve rappaport, fox news. >> very cool.y c back here on planet earth thehe smithsonian's air and spacepa museum is wrapping up an allpinl night party to celebrate itste 40th anniversary.ivsa the all night at the museumeu event kicked off last night at t the same spot where theywhere t opened the building in 1976. the muse sim also reopened thepd bowling milestone of
8:27 am
hall exhibit. air and space museum just one jn of the many but wonderfulde attractions here in d.c. and d. that's so cool that they're celebrating with all nightht events.ev >> reminds me that of movie, a a few years ago, night at the museum.. >> literally. >> the latest on breaking newsig out of montgomery county this morning where dozens of firefighters are on the sceneg o of a housen th fire there in the silver spring. plus as we gear up tos gearo celebrate america's birthday bia many of us will be enjoying ag barbecue this weekend. things you want to keep in i mind for grilling safely.g safe. >> plus i'll be back with ai'lla look at today's weather as weere take a live look outside at the gorgeous capitol buildingpi illuminated by that perfectly pe blue that color is just fantastic.tat weekend starts off great but b i'll have your wholell independence day forecast coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> ♪ he.♪ >> time now 8:30 as we take a live look this is the bay brid30thge. a lot of people headed to the beaches this morni a lot leaving today.od a lot left yesterday.rd traffic was pretty goodc yesterday. i got to be honest.t. >> maybe a lot of peopleay waited and got up this morningtg to go. >> yeah. >> but either way it's been like thihes since we went on the air. slow traffic crawling acrossff the bay bridge.icth it's ae beautiful beach day. people want to get out thereuthe as soon as possible. posble. holiday weekend off to a greateo start. star >> don't forget the sunscreen sc because the uv is intense
8:31 am
today. toda >> intense today. this is the first big beache weekend of the summer,fi i guesg memorial day weekend but any a ways yeah, really strong sung today, you burn very easilya especially when you're out onu't the water so anyone doing somenm boating or out by the pool p just fyi, reagan national 73ati right now, dulles 70, bwi marshall 71. it is like a top 10 morning a tn out there. i mean, blue skies, low humidity and really comfortable temperatures.em it's going to be warm make noe mistake but not too hot rising s into the low 80's later today. 73 in washington.hi 66 gaithersburg, 68 winchester, 72 in culpeper. in l hey, we're not leaving theot let mountains out.moins ou beautiful day along the bluehe b ridge. the best we have to offer for or all of our out of town tow visitors this weekend falls today. to spectacular saturday. high pressure moving in. it's there's a nice pleasant plean breeze. breeze sunshine and temperatures in the 80's. now unfortunately thingslyhi change pretty quickly.uick by tomorrow morning, a warm w front has lifted into the area. showers ea
8:32 am
this warm front as high pressure retreats to there north. so, by tomorrow, sunday, we'vey' got more clouds and yes, we'vee' also got some showers in the int forecast. so, independence day weekend,end it starts out great.ittart 83 sunny and breezy.nd b showers are possible on sunday a as that warm front liftsnt l through. then low pressure rides alongs l this warm front andro independence day itself, yes, y showers, thunderstorms all dayol long. heavy rain unfortunately not going to benon the best day and i'm not so'm ns sure what that fireworksireworks forecast is going to bringly i i mean, right now i would say we're probably not going tong get it in and we would have to v delay until tuesday. so, not the best fourth of 79 degrees with some rain.rees early thunderstorms there on tuesday. we to clear out the second s half of the day if fireworks have to be rescheduled. mostly sunny on wednesday,unny then here comes the temperatures back into theates b 90's.90 we have not had much heat soea far this weekend so we're probably -- or this summer,um not just this week, we'rek, probably due for that. temperatures rising into theingn 90's by the end of next
8:33 am
seven-day forecast. annie. >> ♪ >> let's can check our top c stories this hour.s h montgomery county fire crewse c are currently battling a houseg fire along the 2200 block of norbeck road in silver spring. we are told the fire is nowis out but one person inside thensd home managed to get out safely.. about 75 firefighters75 firefigt responded to the scene.he scene so far no word on a cause. cau and developing closer toloto home this morning, police ine in alexandria investigating aes deadly shooting overnight. overn police say a man was shot on the 1000 block of first street e around 3:30 this morning. mni he has been identified as as 23-year-old daquan hall. hal he was taken to the hospital hoa before he later died. so far no word on a possible pol suspect or motive.ot this is alexandria's fourths homicide of the year.ea and a three-car collisionarn in silver spring sending six sng people to the hospital.the ospia it happened around 6 o'clock 6lk this morning along georgiaorning avenue and forest glen r the southbound lane of georgia o avenue is closed as first as fis responders remain on the scenehs there. no word on what caused theha crash or the condition o
8:34 am
victim.ctim. meanwhile a hostagege situation at a restaurant in bangladesh is now over. o police raided the upscale uca eatery early this morning inornn the capitol city of officials say 20 people were killed in the attack including i two police several of the attackers werersw also killed. kil isis is claimingclaiming responsibility and the state sta department says all american citizens in dhaka are accounted for. for here at home, it is sure isr to be a busy weekend in then the district as thousands prepare to celebrate america'sri's birthday on the national mall and given recent world eventsve security will obviously beiously very tight. and fox5's also a limo alexandrh loan has everything you need to >> reporter: heat exhaustion illegal fireworks and drunk drivers are just some of thee ss problems law enforcement andorcd fire crews will have to deal t a with this holiday weekend. wee >> this is the only one day ofoy the year that we put aut sparkler which goes to 1200 degrees in a small s child's hands.chil h why do we do that.e do >> reporter: but as tourists trt and residents flood the
8:35 am
nation's capitol to celebrate b independence day, world eventsre like the airport bombings inbis istanbul and the call fromro isis for more attacks on theksn west during the holy time of ramadhan which ends july 5th jut are also things taken into can account. >> has it changed anything i specifically for security planning for the fourth oft al t july? there have been somee bem small changes but we have aweav pretty tight security plan forit the fourth of july with ourjulyo partners so it's nothing not significant and nothing that t should, you know, change the ability for people to comey here and just feel safe andfouss still celebrate.still celebra >> reporter: chief lanierter: cl says the majority of they of police force will be on the be t quad. she also says there are no known terrorist threats to theos district of columbia and that t typically the biggest risk factors other than onesne dealing with health and and intense heat, are the large crowds and potential forenti f children to be separated from families. burns due to unsafe people are asked to pitch init i and help out those who willho spend their time working toki t protect the public. pub >> we should -- we sho
8:36 am
pause to reflect on all of thefe government workers butut especially our public safety officials who are spending spe time away from their own o families to keep our city saf safe. >> speaking of the fourth ofg july another holiday staple is outdoor grilling butter there are things you'll want to keepou in mind to make sure the food you cook doesn't make youco sick. our barbecue tips are next.u we'll be right back. now at havertys furniture, it's our 4th of july sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until july 4th,
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>> welcome back.>> if you are hitting the road for the holiday weekend you won't be alone. ititdawo's expect to be the buse fourth of july travel weekendlke ever with an estimatedst 36 million drivers on the roadway. the average price now at $2.99. $2.9 that's the gas.he that's the lowest it's been inee more than a decade so that'ss probably why more people arehyo hitting the roads.oads all right. another staple of the holidayf weekend of course is barbecuing. >> but before you fire up thatyo grille and enjoy a juicy hamburger there's a few things you want to keep in mind for f grilling outdoors to make suredo you don't get sick.orsick. >> fox5's maureen umeh went uwe straight to the experts foro fo some tips. tips. check it out.t out. >> we're talking about fouralkit steps. what is the first one you haveav to focus on before you start. sa >> or four steps are cleanre cle separate cook and chill. our >> clean separate cook and sep chill. >> our first step clean is all l about washing your hands and a keeping your surfaces clean.s cn >> okay.>> oka >> so, let's say you're out at'r a picnic like we aree today.ay >> right. >> bring some hand sanitizer,itr br
8:40 am
wipe down those surfaces sfaces before you start anything makett sure you wash your hands with warm wateryo and soap for atfor least 20 seconds.onds that's before and after handling that raw meat andw mt poultry that you're gettingti ready for the grille. >> i know we're talking handling raw meat and poultryd y but also you should wash your y fruits, too. >> you should definitely wash your fruits and vegetables veges especially if you plan to peel e them like these cantaloupe and watermelon even if you cutut them that bacteria can get can into the send when you cut it.d make sure you run it under running water before you peel it. ?t]p >> we cleaned it. we got cook now. >> we to separate now.eparatnow. >> okay. >> separate is all aboutbout avoiding cross contamination.min cross contamination happens when your raw meat or poultryout touches ready to eat foods like fruits or vegetables orle cooked we recommend having twoaving two separate cutting boards. boas. >> right.ig >> one for produce and one for f raw meat. also use different utensils u and plates for raw meat andtnd pou
8:41 am
>> these are lessons we'vee' already learned as we've gone along.along. any time you know you're you'r cooking you know you shouldhould separate your meats from vegetables. >> this is always a good alwaysd reglinted especially when you're outdoor that those same s rules apply.pply now it's time to cook. t cook. >> now it's time to cook.t's ti we have burgers and hot dogsot s on the grille.he you have to remember that you can't seeme bacteria on youron u food so the only way to knowo that it's safe to eat is to is t use a food thermometer.rmometer. >> a lot of people i don't of oe think have food thermometers.rmm >> a lot of people don't. don >> can you eyeball it.ball it. >> a lot of people eyeball it's at your local grocery groce store and they're relatively inexpensive. we recommend that it is pro mendthod. p is the first step, place the thermometer in the thickestckes part of the meat. >> okay. >> r, read the temperature. your burger should be cooked coe to 160 degrees.rees >> okay. >> all of your poultry should be cooked to 165 degrees.65 >> okay. >> and all of your beef andf pork should be cooked to cooke 145 degrees with a three a three minute rest time.nute rti the lasts
8:42 am
grille. once it reaches a safet temperature, put it on a clean c plate not one that held raw h meat again. >> right, right., righ okay. >> and then our last step is i chill. so that's all about keeping kee foods at a safe temperature.rate if you're serving some potato salad, macaroni salad, you want to make sure to put in it t a small dish and serve it in a a bed of ice.bed ice that way it stays cold because food -- perishable food onlydy lasts two hours at room r temperature and if you'reture outside and the temperature istp above 90 degrees, then it only lasts one hour. so, keep it safe by putting it i on beds of ice.ofce you can also keep your hotr h food hot by putting it on the side of the green light, note right overgr the charcoal so it doesn't overcook. >> what is the most commonon issue that you see this timehiti of year. you want to be outside, you y want to enjoy your guests.ue is there one common mistakene you see over and c over again aa that can really help avoidp avo people getting sick.ting si >> it's probably j
8:43 am
food out for too long.oo l a lot of people think food cand be left out all day. day. i know i had --ad -- >> don't invite me to your y cookout if you're doing that.yoe >> i will a crazy under a whoerw every hour she would mix up her potato salad to keep iteeit fresh. fresh. >> we all know that crazy crazy aunt. don't do that. >> keep it on beds of ice and put the rest on the cooler oregon the refrigerator to keep it fresh.ep it fre >> very good tips there. thanks mo.ks mo. a cell phone is something i so many of us carry every day. y why not bring them out. o. one maryland artist knows thenot importance of personalizing your phone and cell phone cases are catching the eyes of hollywood. she's here to join us live in the loft coming up next. it's 8:43.
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back. time now is 8:46. we want to get the very latest on thatig houseet fire we've bew telling you about that happened overnight in silversilv spring.spri fox5's alexandria limon juston j arriving on scene and joiningoi us with the very latest.ry lt. alex, i know the fire is out but i understand someone wasers trapped inside.trped to we know what the latest isesi on that person? per >> reporter: well, annie, thankfully it appears thatha everyone is okay and the fire tr department is reporting noeporno injuries but you can see therere actually is still quite a bit b of activity going on behind meim here on the 2000 block of norbeck road in silver spring sn as montgomery countyontgomcounty firefighters work to put out hot spots that still remainn inside this house after a fire broke out
8:47 am
[inaudible] >> obviously we're having some g trouble there with alex's shotho but as she mentioned the firehef is out and hopefully theully t person that was inside theid home is okay.home is ok we'll bring you wilal the verytr latest as soon as we can geton n her back up. meantime, caitlin, i think,i we're going to go to you my friend. >> hello. >> check in on our weather. weah >> let's zoom out.>> hi, good morning. m >> we're off to a great start. s >> we are.e. beautiful day in store for us, r great start to the holidayolid weekend yes but holidayol weekend going to take a turn a t for the worse by the time it te ends unfortunately. total bummer.l let's start out with, say, a look at today. today let's do some weather now ifwea we can get to our graphics. a really top 10 morning. mning bright blue skies out it's comfortable and it ist nice and warm. w so, we lost the humidity from last night.ig pretty stormy. storm yeah, we had several rounds of some showers and thunderstormsrs that came through last night a. and with that scoured ou
8:48 am
the humidity. hid much more comfortable thisortabt morning. enjoy a beautiful day ahead. a satellite and radar showingan high pressure ind place, clearr skies. low pressure off towards the midwest. you can see some showers around omaha down through wichita moving to the ohiohehi valley. that low pressure system willysl be over us by monday.y. slow moving low pressure m system. e'at means we're probablyovns w looking at a whole day of rain w and maybe thunderstorms,, temperatures outside right nowiw 73 here in washington, 68 gaithersburg, 70 dulles, 68uls, winchester.winc responding to that sunshine and warming up prettyng quicklyk after a cool morning for some of you starting in the lowerer 60's. winds are out of the i think we'll be a littlee a lit breezy later this afternoon but for now 10at to 15 miles ans hour not so so still not humid today.ay yesterday's cold front downro d towards our south, sunshinee and temperatures in the 80' it looks like a beautiful day. but as we fast forward to sunday after basically a cloudlo free saturday, a warm front f lifts up from the north.orth. clouds are pretty widespreadespd by this time tomorrow morning mr and we've got some showers iner the forecast, too.e reca
8:49 am
seeing some raindrops, notro going to be a great beach day bd or out on the water just water j because of we have this rain.e not all day rain but intoo monday, yes, that's all dayay rain. showers and thunderstorms heavy at later in the afternoon maybe aoy break but that's a huge maybee m to see if we get a window forinw some fireworks.ireworks i think maybe off towards ourtor east that's the best chancet cnc but for us here we might bemighb struggling to see that.o se high temperatures later today in the low 80' t 83 here in washington.asngto and tonight we'll fall back fl into the 60's.0's. real quick look at thatk atha forecast for you, seven day, d 79 with showers andhowers thunderstorms on the fourth. early thunderstorms tuesday.uesy mostly sunny on wednesday. sn we heat things up through theouh rest of the week. annie. >> thanks caitlin.nks calin cell phones have become an everyday staple for many of us. o so if you're carrying oneryinon around why not make it stand out. maryland artist tristan is a celebrity artist who designses custom cell phone cases fores pop stars to pro athletes. athle his work is known around aun hollywood and this morning a he's bringing hollywo t
8:50 am
loft. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us.for in >> ing.. >> thanks for having us. >> native american. >> i love>> art. >> immersed in artwork. a >> loved cartoons. ctoon >> i checked out some of your work. it's reallyr impressive: what's the deal you designou deg these cases from everybodyse from average joe to movie stars. >> yeah, i design for design for celebrities but i don't want it to be a celebrity driven product so i do design for the f average joe like you like toike say but i was just -- i wast just tired of just everybody eve walking around with the samee cell phone case and i knew how w to create cartoons already soeay i said well if i'm creating cartoons, everybody likes toev be a cartoon why not translate a that and put it onto cell onto c feign cases.feign cas >> it kind of reflects yourtsou personality. i look at cell phones likenes li really it's like an extended organ for many people, it's oneo you constantly you need it,t, carry it everywhere you go you y might as well let it reflect your personality there veryerna true. >> i have a left lane lowe kitty case but if i can bling c it out and make it look liket ll
8:51 am
show us some.e. >> actually people think thaty i it's just the face on the case which is not true.wh what this one actually is theuas face on the case but it's nott n the face on the case. you could do anything from your logo to having your children on there. t mine is blinged outer. out i'm a big fan of michael jackson.ja this has my favorite icons on it i grew up liking and that ana comes with a battery in it as well. there's many differentifre products you could g it's not yc just custom cas it's many different options.ptio >> who are some of the who athletes and stars you'vees and worked >> some of the biggest faithsges would be lebron james nicki minaj, kevin durant derek d rose. rose. i've done for the last five lt i nba m.v.p.'s and i'm looking to continue to do ono do celebrities because it reallys t helps build the product up. it gives credibility to thety product when you can say nicki minaj has your product orproduc lebron james has your product.p. >> there's so much on the web and the m salls and stuff. andtu
8:52 am
>> what is it about your casesos that is drawing the >> i just think it's unique. unu i mean, you could go to the mall and get a case from a fro kiosk and i'm not saying my sin cases are the greatest cases in the world butter it's justs s something different and iin think people like having that option of having something different so if you could get something that personalized and only to your liking as liki opposed to getting somethingethi that everybody else could haveh it makes it a little bitit easier to make that decision. >> real quickly tell usma the process.prs. someone reaches out to you andac gives you a photo. >> yeah,he they -- i pretty mucm have in my mind how i'm going to design it once i see theit oe photo so they'll reach out tollo me, they'll send me a photo a p and if they like, they'll telly' me how they like it.y like i like you say you have a helloelo kitty case i try to incorporate that into yourr design. >> can you make my face onou hello kitty. >> of course. i can do anything.nythin >> i want to be hello >> it starts from you sending yn me a picture and tell me thisel is how i may want it designed d or most people just say dost s what you do. >>
8:53 am
>> because this is what i do. so i know right in my mind,hi okay, what color.whatolor. it just all fits with the picture.pict >> and how much is -- how much c does this range. >> from the standard it could be anywhere from a hundrede to 200 depending on if it'sft' battery powered, if it's af is a regular case. i usually do deals. dls i do all kind of contests on my instagram people win free i just really like to keepoe the consumers involved and i and always like to do stuff, stuff special stuff like that. t >> tristan art. thank you so much.k m very talented.very t how can people reach out to outt you. >> my web site www tristan or follow me on instagram and that's at a tristan young v. as in victor. >> we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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>> three, two, one, go. go. >> several hungry competitorspe gathered yesterday in thete district for the seventh annual independence day burgeree eating contest. con for the second year in a row r molly schuler from nebraska the number one ranked female f competitive eater in the worldit won again. a she ate 28 burg nears 12g nears2 minutes. that number is two better than her previous record of 26 setios last year. la the mother of four took home $1,500 cash along with a probably a stomachache. stochac following the contest everyonern was treated to a free single burger. >> ♪ >> >> all right. our facebook fan of the day and this morning itoi
8:57 am
good morning.good morning. they are celebrating theirting t 50th wedding anniversaryiverry today.toda they were nominated by theired r daughter and she tells us the entire family watches fox5y wat5 every day. thank you so much. and happy anniversary to theryoh both this is a great picture.ic thanks so much for tuning in and happy 50th. 5h. >> congratulations. >> it's a big milestone: milto please let us know the secret. . >> yes. >> yes. >> all right, caitlin. >> still recovering.ecover >> that woman, so small 28 hamburgers.hamb >> it's kind of gross.>> >> yeah, i know, sorry, it is. i but barbecuing on the mindd of many. independent day weekenddeen forecast. today doesn't get much bettert c than this.than t sunny breezy, low humidity,it 83 degrees. d perfect to be outside.e ouide. >> uh-huh. >> tomorrow maybe not so much. showers respect possible as ae warm front moves through, it'st' cloudy and then the fourth ofhou july we're expecting rain, thunderstorms maybe a delay inal those fireworks. fir >> we'll see you back here ateey 7:00 thanks for joining us
8:58 am
bye. >> bye >> bye
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- six states make up the region known as new england, and in each one, scientists are conducting their research amidst spectacular scenery. so this week, join us on awesome planet: new england. (upbeat music) - [voiceover] from spectacular rocky coastlines, to natural barrier islands full of wildlife, we're going on an adventure that will thrill your senses. - beaches are moving, they're very alive, they're very dynamic. - [voiceover] join me, philippe cousteau, as we explore new england and its unique beauty on xploration awesome planet. trees are an amazing source of life in this world. they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and, through photosynthesis, produce the oxygen


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